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website design services:

We make completely custom websites:

Please download a copy of our Website Design Guide:

concept VIZ LLC: Website Design Guide

  • all device Responsive Design
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • embedded Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • all device, all browser audio/ video delivery
  • Anything your company needs, anything.

hosting, domains, email and more:

concept VIZ and GoDaddy partner to offer the best in web design and server delivery. We offer very competitive rates for web hosting, domains, email, SSLs and more. We can provide top level webmaster to your firm and addition keep you in control of your services.

concept VIZ hosting

responsive design:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

How important is it your company to appear in the top listings of a search engine like Google or Bing?

If a potential customer types the relevent search terms into a search engine: does it find your business?
  • Can your customers easily find your products and services?
  • Do your competitors grab them first?
    • If your firm does not appear in the top rankings for your category, we can help with that.
Search Engines: Google, Bing, YAHOO!, Ask, AOL
This saves you advertising costs as you are investing in left side or organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features. This tends to take a little longer to bring you to the top, but these are the features that keep your there, solid well developed content. We won't get you banned, like the jokers, we make the best websites on the internet.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL):

Let us help you put your company's website on an Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

favicons for your website's bookmark:

A 'favicon' is a very small image version of your logo, or an image you would like to associate with your website.

When a user bookmarks your page, this small image will appear next to your bookmarked name. Like this:

example of a bookmark with a favicon
  • Stand out!
  • Better branding
  • Professional appearence on the web
  • Ease of user interaction toward finding your bookmark

example of a favicon in a browser tab

javascript animations:

Sales Animation

image sprites:

The several hyperlinked logos below are actually just one image called a 'sprite', which delivers faster across the web. The software decides which portion of the image to show you in each of the hyperlinks. Instead of downloading six images in this example, your client downloads just one, faster downloads, much faster downloads, better SEO.

  • fast delivered pages
    • one image, not many, one download, not many
  • highest end delivery for SEO
    • solid well developed content
  • delivers text graphically
    • to search robots (Google, Bing) or blind users, the logos above read as text

sales banners:

Example from an Acupuncture Clinic: We take your insurance and Health Savings (HSA) Account:

social media integration:

site analytics:

  • We can help install customer analytics into your company's website:

  • social media services

3D product orbitals:

We can do this to your products, streaming off your website, to your customers. Sales: gold

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