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technical animation

all browsers, all devices supported

HDTV, 4K, Blue Ray, YouTube, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Windows, Apple, Android
Our animations are source Blue Ray, HDTV, 4K, or custom, compressed for the web. YouTube support for social media campaigns, but you'll notice our site is not YouTube, we host the video ourselves, your firm can too using the server hosting you already pay for. From your website, animations supported on all browsers across all devices, at whatever size and quality you want.

animation industry job costing and timelines

→ you can have it fast

→ you can have it high quality

→ you can have it low cost

↑ You can only have two of the three!

concept VIZ offers premium products for premium clients, we are detail oriented, that's why our animations are compelling. We prefer to deliver high quality work for our customers, as we focus on high quality products and visions.

fast is fine but accuracy is everything - Wyatt EarpWhen we aim, we don't miss.

for your customers

Animation is an amazing experience for customers of all ages. It grabs attention, vivid animation can be the singular most effective tool in reaching your target market. Be it on their HDTVs, on their tablets via the web, an interactive touch screen product display at your store or exibit, or from their smartphones. concept VIZ can reach your customers with industry leading graphics, web delivery compression, creative direction and visual cinematography to best explain your products and concepts.

for your investors

concept VIZ is in the business of making statements in bold fashion. For your firm's next presentation, we can bring to life a simple concept on a napkin or your firm's complicated CAD drawings into a vivid world for your potential investors to be, literally mesmerized by. Providing state of the art motion graphics to explain complicated subject matter and designs. Animation is a key tool in attracting attention, strong investors and securing your needed capital, in bold fashion.

for your engineers

Renderings can be that crucial and crowning step in the process of a well refined virtual prototype. Photo-realistic animation to see your design before it exists in expensive physical prototype form.
  • allow designers to see new and interesting angles of their own design.
  • see the design before the commitment to physical prototype or production manufacturing
  • assemblers how to fit complicated electro-mechanical assemblies together
  • see it before you build it
  • several sample alternate designs
  • communicate to clients, customers and employees quickly
  • marketers may select the most attractive versions, before construction

for your assemblers and repairmen

Technical animation can be used for every step of the manufacture, assembly, sales and service repair processes of your product lines and building projects:
  • easily bypass language barriers
  • teaching construction workers where and how
  • assemblers how to fit complicated electro-mechanical assemblies together
  • repairmen can be instantly familiarized with complicated electro-mechanical assemblies
  • step by step interactive motion graphics
  • communicate to clients, customers and employees quickly
  • train effectively

In case you missed our demo reel, our cinematography explains your products: